Manchin criticizes Biden $325M EV plan

By Jen Krausz on
 January 25, 2024

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) blasted President Joe Biden's newly announced EV tax credit and investment plan, which would spend $325 million on new investments into electric vehicles and give additional tax credits to consumers who purchase them.

The plan gives low-income and rural communities credits for installing chargers, which Manchin says would put these resources where they aren't wanted and wouldn't be used.

“The Administration just will not stop ignoring the law in pursuit of its radical climate agenda — no matter the cost,” Manchin said. “This proposed guidance completely spits in the face of rural America with a brand-new interpretation that makes close to the entire country eligible for a credit that was designed to help drive investment in fueling infrastructure for electric, hydrogen, or natural-gas-powered vehicles in rural and low-income areas where private businesses can’t or won’t invest.”

Manchin argued that the credits won't help because they aren't targeted correctly and try to force EVs on people who don't want them.

Furthermore, it represents further additions to deficit spending in an already out-of-control budget.

“This proposed guidance ensures that rural Americans will remain stuck at the end of the investment line, the exact problem this tax credit was supposed to address, choosing to give hand-outs to those that don’t need it while ignoring its responsibility to provide a hand up to rural communities at risk of being left behind,” he continued. “This proposal is just another example in a long line of this Administration’s attempts to force electric vehicles on Americans and spend money that Congress didn’t account for and doesn’t have in the budget.”