Manchin: Biden Is Breaking The Law

 March 11, 2023

Joe Manchin is NOT a fan of the liberal cult in America, and just because he runs as a Democrat doesn't mean he's going to throw out everything he believes in just to cooperate with them.

Just because Manchin isn't a Republican doesn't mean he doesn't have morals.

In fact, he's showing them right now.

During a recent broadcast on CNN, the network desperately trying to keep Biden afloat, Manchin tossed our president a lead anchor instead of a life raft.

According to Manchin, what Biden is doing by constantly changing the "Inflation Reduction Act" is completely illegal. Biden presents the Inflation Reduction Act as an environmental bill. It isn't. He simply uses that term to get the bozos in America to believe he's looking out for them without realizing what's in the rest of the bill.

"They have touted that as strictly an environmental bill, and I can assure you, we put that together and negotiated after we put it together it was for energy security," Manchin began, adding:

My goodness, when you saw Putin do what he did with energy and you know what’s happening to our friends in the EU and Europe and all over, and then basically not being able to produce the energy we have under our feet in our great country and we’re asking other countries such as Iran and Venezuela, the greatest terrorist supporter in the world, Iran, you want them to have more money to create more havoc to humankind? I’m just — I was appalled. And I said, we’ve got to do things more and be more secure in our state — in our country so that we can help our allies if they start looking elsewhere for energy. Everything they’re rolling out is relaxing, and I’ve just said, you’re trying to basically reconfigure a piece of legislation that we passed, that we passed in the Congress, to something that you want and wasn’t in that legislation. So, I’m holding their feet to the fire there and I’ll send — continue to send every message I can, please, adapt and enforce the legislation for energy security.