Man Stunned To Discover Headaches Caused By Pair Of Chopsticks

 December 2, 2023

A brutal headache has led to quite a crazy discovery for a man in Vietnam.

The source of his pain was revealed to be a pair of chopsticks.

You could be a medical professional for your entire life and NEVER see anything like this.

The 35-year-old man was complaining of having experienced headaches for the last five months, according to doctors at Cuba Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi.

Once they discovered the source of the pain, they informed the man that he had a pair of chopsticks lodged inside his skull.

The man was initially surprised at how the chopsticks ended up inside his skull, but he eventually was able to recall that one night shortly before he remembered the headaches starting, he had been out drinking and ended up getting in a fight.

The patient apparently remembered being stabbed in the face with an unknown object.

Reports indicate that the chopsticks were removed, and the man is in stable condition.