Man Found Guilty Of Killing NFL Star Will Smith

 January 28, 2024

Former NFL Star Will Smith was shot and killed after a traffic dispute resulted in an argument back in 2016.

It took a while, but his killer has FINALLY been convicted.

Nearly eight years after the incident took place, Cardell Hayes was found guilty of manslaughter on Jan. 27.

Will Smith's wife, Racquel, was also apparently shot by Hayes during the incident, but he was acquitted of attempted manslaughter in reference to her.

The defense argued self-defense and that Hayes had reasonable suspicion to be afraid for his life, but the prosecution said that Hayes fired needlessly.

The jury agreed with that assessment.

"One gun was fired by one man," said District Attorney Jason Williams.

The case took so long to resolve because back when the incident first happened, a trial resulted in a jury finding him guilty 10-2. That led to the verdict being tossed after the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed nonunanimous verdicts and upended the outcome.