Man claims OJ Simpson had New York mob kill Nicole Brown

 April 16, 2024

In the wake of O.J. Simpson's death, new, shocking stories have emerged regarding his involvement with the late Nicole Brown.

According to the New York Post, a Los Angeles collections agency owner confessed to a "long-time Hollywood detective" last week that Simpson had once tried to hire "goons" from the Gambino mafia family to kill Brown.

The admission came via way of collections agency owner John Dunton, who said he stayed quiet until this point for fear of retaliation from the Mafia, private detective Paul Barresi told the outlet.

The PI played a recording he had of a conversation between him and Dunton, and added that some 30 years ago he attempted to talk to Dunton about the situation but never had any luck.

With Simpson's recent passing, he decided to contact Dunton once more, and this time, the outlet noted, he answered the call.

"100 percent," Dunton can be heard saying on the recording when asked if Brown's death was a result of a mob hit.

"The four guys that came, they were members of the Gambino family. They were involved in all kinds of stuff. You know what the mob does. The bottom line is everything was done with OJ’s direction. That’s what happened," Dunton said.

Shockingly, Dunton claimed that Simpson himself came to witness the murders.

"He was there," Dunton told Barresi, referring to Simpson. "I don’t know what he did, but he was there. He knew these guys were going over to Nicole’s house to kill her. He wanted to be there. I don’t know why. I’m glad he’s dead to be honest. What he did was a really horrible thing and I went through hell because of that."

The NY Post noted:

Dunton told Barresi that because he was friendly with the cops, he tipped them off about what he’d learned, on the condition he be kept anonymous.

Instead, he was called in to testify about what he knew to a grand jury investigating O.J.’s friend Al Cowling and when he refused, a judge sent Dunton to jail for contempt.

Robert Rentzer, 84, a former attorney for Dunton, said that he was able to spring Dunton from jail after he refused to talk as part of a deposition for a grand jury investigating O.J.’s friend Al Cowling.

The attorney noted that he wasn't aware of the mob hit claims at the time, but noted that Dunton was obviously frightened to talk, risking jail time instead of providing any testimony.

"There must have been some reason why Dunton didn’t want to testify," Dunton's former attorney said.