Majority Of Voters Say FBI Covered For Joe Biden

It was all just speculation for a while, but now we have proof.

A majority of American voters believe that Joe Biden is a liar. A majority of American voters believe that the FBI tried to cover up a $5,000,000 bribery scheme on Biden's behalf. A majority of American voters have said that they believe Joe Biden has been involved in the exchange of money for political decisions.

An FBI informant produced a file that allegedly linked the president's family to illegal business deals made in Europe.

Despite the FBI using this informant's information on tons of other cases in the past, officials happened to decide that this source was no longer credible when he started producing documents that revealed Joe Biden's true colors.

A Rasmussen Reports poll recently revealed that 60% of voters "believe it is likely that top FBI officials helped cover up any alleged wrongdoing the document might detail by Joe Biden or his family."

A poll conducted by me, which surveyed me, determined that I think those 60% of people are 100% right. Do you?