Majority believe Joe Biden is covering for family's alleged influence-peddling scheme

 August 3, 2023

The heat's being turned up in a big way on President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and members of the Biden family regarding new evidence that strongly suggests the Biden family, including Joe Biden, was well aware of his son's alleged foreign influence-peddling scheme.

According to Breitbart, it's not only congressional Republicans who believe Joe Biden is covering for his family's shady side business, as a bombshell new poll revealed that a majority of voters believe the same.

On Monday, a Rasmussen Reports poll indicated that a staggering 60% of voters believe that Joe Biden is part of the "cover-up" regarding his family's business dealings.

"How likely is it that Joe Biden has been part of an illegal cover-up to hide his involvement in his son Hunter’s foreign business deals?" the poll asked respondents.

The results are beyond devastating for Joe Biden's 2024 reelection campaign, which is already off to an uninspiring start, especially when his polling numbers are taken into consideration.

Breitbart noted:

Overall, 60 percent said they believe Joe Biden “has been part of an illegal cover-up to hide his involvement in his son Hunter’s foreign business deals.” Forty-five percent said a cover-up is very likely. Thirty-four percent said it is not likely, including 18 percent who believe it is not at all likely.

Biden's White House, and a number of high-profile Democrats, have attempted to downplay the situation and make is less scandal-like and more of a Republican conspiracy theory.

However, the poll also asked independent voters, "One of Hunter Biden’s former business partners says that, when he was vice president, Joe Biden took part in telephone conversations with their foreign clients. How serious of a scandal is this?"

Among independent voters, one of the most critical voting blocs for any presidential candidate, 60% indicated that they find it "concerning" that Hunter Biden put his father on the phone with various business partners, reportedly dozens of times.

Breitbart noted:

Among the 60 percent, 49 percent say it is very concerning, and 16 percent say somewhat concerning. Fourteen percent say it is not very concerning. Only 13 percent believe it is not concerning at all.

Dick Morris tweeted, "60% of voters say Joe Biden illegally covering up involvement in family deals: Rasmussen poll. Hunter’s former business partner testified he witnessed Joe Biden take part in foreign clients’ phone calls when he was VP."

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has led the charge into Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings and an alleged bribery scheme involving the president.

Only time will tell if Republicans take the investigation all the way to the point where Biden family members are held accountable, should it be proven that crimes were committed.