Majorie Taylor Greene: I Don't Want America In 'A Civil War'

 February 23, 2023

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene recently said that unless members of the left left got down from their perch and stopped trying to bully everyday Americans very soon, our country could be headed for a "national divorce."

Many interpreted that as Greene threatening Civil War, but that was NOT the intended point of her message.

She recently appeared on Fox News' Hannity to clarify her recent remarks and calm those who think she's calling for civil war.

"In my life, in my world, I — all of my friends are regular Americans," the Republican from Georgia began. "Everyone I talk to is sick and tired and fed up of being bullied by the left, abused by the left. And disrespected by the left and our ideas, our policies, our ways of life have become so far apart that it’s just coming to that point. And the last thing I ever want to see in America is a civil war. No one wants that. At least everyone I know would never want that. But it’s going that direction, and we have to do something about it." She continued:

We’re also a nation — a crumbling nation. We’re a nation in distress. Our government is in complete failure over $34 trillion. We are on the verge of default and have to do something about that. But that was the right and the left that did that to the American people on their own. But the Democrats never stop pushing their policies, their ideas and their culture on Republicans and the right. And we are so sick and tired of it. We are tired of our children being taught ideas and ideologies in school that we do not want our children taught, like gender lies. We do not want our children being — having their gender changed or transitioned. We can’t even have women’s sports and privacy in our bathrooms and women in prison can’t even have spaces

"ESG, environmental social governance, has completely taken over corporations, and this is a huge policy pressed on private businesses through the government from Democrats," MTG concluded. "If you’re a white male today in the financial industry, you can forget it. You’re a dinosaur. You’re going extinct. No one should ever be hired by their skin color or their gender or how they identify it."