Maher blames Biden low approval ratings on homelessness, theft

October 8, 2023

HBO's Real Time host Bill Maher on Friday blamed President Joe Biden's low approval ratings on the rampant homelessness and theft in large cities that have changed their policies on crime.

"It just doesn’t feel good when you see tents everywhere on the street. It just doesn’t feel like the country’s right. It just doesn’t feel good when I’ve got to get a sales associate to unlock the hair scrunchies,” he said.

Maher advocated a middle ground between liberal cities not prosecuting most crimes and former President Donald Trump talking about shooting shoplifters.

The host was interviewing ABC News contributor and editor of The Dispatch, Sarah Isgur, who said that the liberal view was a "luxury belief" held by people not affected by those crimes.

“It’s not compassionate…to be paying drug cartels billions of dollars that are going to drug cartels to move people, to smuggle humans over the border," she said. "It’s not compassionate to say, well, like, I’m fine with the homeless people in tents shooting up fentanyl. In fact, I’ll give them a clean syringe. It’s not compassionate to tell someone that they should die on the sidewalk.”

Most people want to see law and order on the streets, and if Biden and his party aren't going to do it, voters should find someone who will.