Louisiana voters reject Democrat Shawn Wilson, Republican Jeff Landry wins gubernatorial race in a landslide

October 16, 2023

Republican Jeff Landry shocked America by defeating Democrat Shawn Wilson in a landslide victory on Saturday to become Louisiana's next governor.

Landry claimed 52% of the vote in Saturday's election which was a large enough sum to bypass a runoff election that many expected to see.

Louisiana's gubernatorial election is set up so that the two top vote-getters generally advance to a runoff which is held in November.

While many expected Landry to claim one of the top two spots, very few expected him to win by such a margin as to prevent a runoff election entirely.

Landry will now replace Governor John Bel Edwards, who is a Democrat. Many are pointing to Bel Edwards's close relationship with President Joe Biden as part of the reason why Republicans had such a successful election.

This election could signal a greater movement forming ahead of the 2024 presidential election that should worry Democrats.

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