Lithuania Could Be The Key To Russia-Ukraine War

 March 31, 2023

Mark Esper is a Republican who served as America's secretary of Defense from 2019 to 2020.

He recently wrote an opinion piece for Fox News, and in it, he dropped BOMBS.

Esper shared what might eventually cause Vladimir Putin's downfall, namely, the country of Lithuania.

The former Cabinet secretary describes Lithuania as "a vibrant country of 2.8 million people just south of Latvia and north of Poland, along the Baltic Sea. Its rich 800-plus-year history is marked by conquest and subjugation, prosperity and poverty. Moscow, a day’s drive to the east, seems to be the recurring threat throughout its existence."

So, when the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, hosts the annual NATO summit in July, it will be an historic occasion.

For one, two more countries, Sweden and Finland, are set to join the alliance. Secondly, Esper thinks that meeting in Lithuania will inspire ALL of Russia's enemies to bond together and become impossible for Putin to outlast.

Putin's playing a waiting game. But Esper believes that Lithuania will give the good guys the strength to hold out longer.

Is he right? Only time will tell.