Lindsey Graham: Biden's Defense Budget A 'Joke'

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said this week that President Joe Biden's defense budget is a "joke."

Graham said the defense budget set forth by the Biden administration "was a joke before and if we adopted it as Republicans will be doing a great disservice to the party of Ronald Reagan" while discussing the debt ceiling deal.

The lawmaker added, "I respect Kevin McCarthy. I want to raise the debt ceiling. It would be irresponsible not to do it. I want to control spending. I’d like to have a smaller IRS. I’d like to claw back the unused COVID money."

"And I know you can’t get to perfect, but what I will not do is adopt the Biden defense budget and call it as success," Graham hammered.

"Kevin said the defense is fully funded. If we adopt the Biden defense budget, it increases defense spending below inflation. A 3.2 increase is below inflation," Graham added. "The Biden defense budget takes Navy from 298 ships to 291, at time when China is going to increase their navy by almost a third."

"The biggest winner of the Biden defense budget is China. They’ll have a bigger navy," Graham opined.