Lindsay Graham reveals he is open to sending U.S. troops to Taiwan

 April 10, 2023

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) stated during an interview on Fox News Sunday that he would be open to sending U.S. troops to Taiwan, a move that would likely ignite a war between the U.S. and China.

Anchor Shannon Bream opened the interview by asking, "We noted weeks ago a four-star general said he thought we would be in actual combat with China by 2025. Chairman McCaul said the same thing on the show. Where do you think we are? Where does this go?"

Graham responded by saying, "I think they are setting the stage possibly for a blockade of Taiwan. This Communist Chinese Party is going to test us dramatically this year and next year before the election."

President Joe Biden's foreign policy has emboldened China to the point where the possibility of war has grown substantially. Unless Joe Biden can somehow project real strength, the democratic nation of Taiwan is in real danger of imminent invasion.

Graham continued by saying, "So the question for the Congress, should we have a defense agreement with the island of Taiwan? We don’t. Should we have one? But yes, I’d be very much open to using U.S. forces to defend Taiwan because it’s in our national security interest to do so."

Unfortunately, Graham didn't comment on the possibility of such actions bringing the U.S. to blows with China. Such a conflict could be catastrophic because of the nuclear arsenals boasted by both nations.