Liberals say Supreme Court taking too long to rule on Trump immunity claim

 June 16, 2024

For those who are considering the various ways that Donald Trump could beat most of the criminal charges against him, one of the most common theories is that delaying trials long enough is essentially the same as canceling them in terms of electoral prospects.

Democrats know that Trump is going to whip them at the ballot box on Election Day, so they're trying to cut his legs out from underneath him on the campaign trail. If they're able to sap Trump of the time, money, and energy that he should be using to meet the American people on the campaign trail, that might be as good as getting him behind bars.

The problem is, if Trump is able to delay these trials until after Election Day 2024, then Trump, as president, will probably be able to make such problems go away.

That's why the Biden White House is FURIOUS that the U.S.  Supreme Court is taking so long to rule on Trump's immunity claims.

The high court is simply giving Trump due process and considering all aspects of the arguments made, but liberals are furious they haven't instantly gotten their desired outcome.

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