Liberal WI Supreme Court hints at overturning 2022 ballot drop box ban

 May 14, 2024

The Democrats' race to skew the potential outcome of the 2024 election in their favor has already started, seemingly even at the highest levels.

According to the Associated Press, the liberal-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court seems to be leaning toward overturning a 2022 ruling that significantly scaled back the use of ballot drop boxes across the state.

The 2022 ruling came when the state's high court was still controlled by a conservative majority.

The AP noted:

At issue is whether the court should overturn its July 2022 ruling that said nothing in state law allowed for absentee drop boxes to be placed anywhere other than in election clerk offices. Conservative justices controlled the court then, but the court flipped to 4-3 liberal control last year, setting the stage to possibly overturn the ruling.

Liberal groups have worked overtime to convince the Wisconsin Supreme Court to reexamine the case and potentially overturn it, as drop boxes give Democrats a significant advantage in elections while increasing voter fraud concerns.

Justice Jill Karofsky dropped the biggest hint as to the court's willingness to overturn the 2022 ruling, saying this week, "What if we just got it wrong?"

"What if we made a mistake?" she added. "Are we now supposed to just perpetuate that mistake into the future?"

Clearly, a reversal of the 2022 ruling would have significant impacts on the 2024 election in November, and Democratic operatives are fully aware of that fact.

With Wisconsin among the most closely watched swing states for the upcoming election, reinstating widespread drop box access could be just enough to tip the scales in the left's favor.

Social media users reacted to the news that the liberal-controlled court seems to be on the verge of going down that road.

"The new liberal majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court wants to insist that their fellow justices simply ‘got it wrong’ on drop boxes just a little over a year ago-when the conservative leaning court made the correct call," one X user wrote

Wisconsin State Sen. Julian Bradley wrote, "Unmanned ballot drop boxes should be banned. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments today seeking to overturn the court’s earlier ruling that banned them. The liberal court majority should NOT be making new law, that is the legislature’s job, period!"

Only time will tell if the reversal happens. Don't be surprised when it does.