Liberal Star Naomi Wolf Apologizes After Jan. 6 Footage Released

 March 14, 2023

Liberal star author Naomi Wolf recently did what almost no other liberal in American history has ever done:

She admitted she was wrong.

"Dear Conservatives, I Apologize."

Wolf was referring to the outraged displayed by America's Democrats when they learned that the public would be granted access to the security footage recorded at our nation's capital on Jan. 6, 2020.

Nothing infuriates liberals more than the truth, and their pure panic when they learned that Americans would see the footage for themselves told us all we needed to know.

"I am sorry the nation was damaged by so much untruth issued by those with whom I identified at the time," her public apology began. She added:

I do not see how Mr. [Tucker] Carlson’s airing of video material of national significance that the current government would prefer to keep hidden, or Fox News’s support for its disclosure to the public, is any different from that famous case of disclosure of inside information of public importance.

You don’t have to agree with Mr. Carlson’s interpretation of the videos to conclude that the Democrats in leadership, for their own part, have cherry-picked, hyped, spun, and in some ways appear to have lied about aspects of January 6, turning a tragedy for the nation into a politicized talking point aimed at discrediting half of our electorate.

"I am sorry my former ‘tribe’ is angry at a journalist for engaging in — journalism," she concluded.