Levin Says Trump Lawyers Should Get Supreme Court Involved In Latest Case

 August 5, 2023

Mark Levin has a very strong opinion about all of the insanity going on around Donald Trump right now.

According to him, there's one solution that might be better than the rest:

The Supreme Court needs to step in and end this nonsense.

According to Breitbart, the conservative radio host and lawyer said that "Donald Trump’s lawyers should file an emergency request for the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the prosecutions of the former president."

He made the comments on the Aug. 3 edition of the Mark Levin Show.

"The fact is that this kind of legal warfare against a presidential and possible, if not likely, opponent to the present president, is not only unprecedented in the history of our Republic, it will destroy our electoral system for all time," Levin continued. "It is not something that should be let to the various district courts or local courts to sort out in the course of regular judicial proceedings. In fact, that is part of the intended strategy by the prosecutors, who are engaged in this assault on our electoral system. They must not be rewarded for their behavior."