Levin says 'modern-day slavery' happening at the border

By Jen Krausz on
 January 22, 2024

Fox News host Mark Levin said Saturday on his show that "modern-day "slavery" is happening on the southern border.

He gave several examples of what was happening at the border.

"Little kids being sold into pornography and sex slavery, especially with the open border," he said. "It’s happening at an enormous amount. Nobody is calling it what it is. It’s slavery."

"People being brought into this country by coyotes working for drug cartels," he added, "they’re making billions of dollars, and when these people come into the United States, they are forced to pay remittances back to the coyotes for the drug cartels and others."

Levin blamed President Joe Biden for the situation and pointed out that media voices were also culpable for ignoring the problem.

"They are indentured servants. That is slavery. We have modern-day slavery going on in the United States of America, massively so as a direct result of Joe Biden and his policies. The Democratic Party that is running interference for them, and the media that’s either celebrating the open border or ignoring it," he said.