Levin: America Not Prepared For War With China

 April 12, 2023

In case you've been living under a rock for about a hundred years, you should know that Mark Levin is one of the brightest and most entertaining conservative minds that America has seen in many years.

When Mark Levin voices his concerns, America should listen. Right now, he's got a VERY big concern:


He said exactly that on an appearance on Hannity on Fox News Channel.

Sean Hannity asked Levin, "Talking about China, their alliance with Putin, the alliance with Iran, now the Saudis have chosen sides, they’re now going with China and Russia and Iran, and you see the world disintegrating and you’re President Joe is going over to visit castles in Ireland. Your thoughts?"

"Right. We’ve lost Brazil. Brazil now is with China. That’s in our own hemisphere. We have used to have something called the Monroe Doctrine," Levin said.

Levin then dropped the bomb: we're closer to war with China than we want to admit, and America is woefully unprepared.

"Let me read you a list, Sean, invasion of foreigners, severe economic troubles, division of the empire, empire stretch too thin. Government corruption and political instability, loss of traditional values, weakening of the legions, the military. That is what combined to destroy the Roman Empire."

He went on, "The Roman Empire lasts a thousand years. We’re not even close to a thousand years. Every one of those seven or eight issues is something we are confronting today, and Rome fell in 476 C.E. of its own weight."

"We have something going on in this country that we’ve never had before. We have a Marxist revolution that is destroying us from within while the enemy gathers abroad, and there is an access of powers against us right now. It’s China, Russia, Iran and North Korea," Levin continued.

"This is no joke. China hasn’t built the biggest navy on the face of the earth, military islands in the South China Sea, over 27 bases of different kinds in our hemisphere, a deep water naval base in Samaya where my great uncle fought on Guadalcanal. You have a China with a base on the western coast of Africa facing us, killer satellites, nuclear missiles," he added.

Levin continued, "You think they’re building all that to defeat Taiwan? They’re building all that to defeat us. They’re not going to be satisfied with Taiwan. They’re in battles now with the Philippines and Japan, even Vietnam, Australia’s being threatened."

He concluded, "Unless you’re Helen Keller, you can’t see this and hear what’s going on here. This is a big damn deal. And let me tell you something that viewers of this audience and others may not want to hear. We need to prepare for war against China."