Levin: AG Should Be Subject To Removal Through Vote Of Congress

 January 24, 2023

Conservative commentator Mark Levin is NOT happy about what liberals are doing to America's federal government. They've gotten their grubby little fingerprints all over it and changed it in ways that would make our founding fathers roll in their graves. He said:

The greatest threat we face in this country, and I mean it, is the Democratic Party and its radicalism, its war on constitutionalism, on national sovereignty, on capitalism, on our classrooms, on parents, free speech, freedom of association. It is almost an alien party, if you will, with its ideological drift and its embrace of American Marxism.

Now, he wants to fix it by using the same piece of paper that they did.

The U. S. Constitution.

The conservative talk show host opened a recent show by calling for a complete overhaul to America's legal and judicial systems. He said:

Now, we need to amend the Constitution to do that either through Convention of States, or at least the Republicans in the House should begin pushing, pushing, pushing, persuading the American people over a period of time that this needs to be done.