Letitia James wants to examine Weisselberg docs for fraud despite trial's end

 April 11, 2024

Letitia James doesn't think that she's caused Donald Trump enough trouble yet, so she's going back for more.

By requesting that certain documents now be examined, James has put further pressure on Donald Trump during what is already probably the most stressful time period of Donald Trump's life.

Letitia James' office recently sent a letter to Trump-hater Judge Arthur Engoron, the New York Judge responsible for slapping Trump with $484 MILLION in penalties.

That amount was reduced down to $175 million after Donald Trump's team argued that paying the full penalty would be "practically impossible."

Now, despite Donald Trump's trial being over, Letitia James wants certain documents related to Alex Weisselberg's case to be examined in case there's something in there that can be used against Trump.

But with both trials being over, on what grounds would they be justified in reopening the case?

Letitia James knows that she's asking to be placed above the law, that's exactly how she likes it.