Less than half of voters approve of Biden on key issues according to new poll

By Jen Krausz on
 July 30, 2023

Less than half of registered voters approve of President Joe Biden's overall job performance and of his handling of several key issues, according to July's Harvard/Harris poll.

Biden is 13 points underwater in overall approval, with 42% saying they at least "somewhat" approve and 55% saying they disapprove.

Only 38% approve of his handling of the economy, and only 35% approve of his handling of inflation.

He didn't reach 50% approval on any of the following: immigration, violence and crime, jobs, terrorism, and foreign affairs.

Biden's low approval may be spreading to the rest of his party, since the poll also showed that 56% of respondents now disapprove of the Democrat party.

Most (68%) also think he is too old to be president, and 59% had doubts about his mental acumen.