Legal efforts have helped defund censorship industry

September 25, 2023

A Daily Caller report detailed that legal efforts by Republicans have stopped some efforts by the left to censor what they call "disinformation," but may actually be the truth in some cases.

The July Missouri v. Biden ruling was a huge step in making Academic researchers and government agencies rethink and in some cases terminate their efforts to coordinate with the federal government on censorship efforts.

In many cases, the Biden administration was paying these groups to conduct the censorship efforts, but now it has been ruled illegal.

The National Institutes of Health has instructed its personnel to stop responding to any requests for censorship and to restrict its responses to medical questions.

“If the question relates in any way to misinformation or disinformation, please do not respond,” a July memo reportedly stated.

Another group, Hack/Hackers is being paid $5 million by the Biden administration to disseminate what it considers "correct" information about vaccines and other topics, but said it is now double and triple checking its information.

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