Lee Zeldin Endorses Trump For 2024

 April 25, 2023

Donald Trump has just picked up another major endorsement on his way to the 2024 ballot box, namely one from Lee Zeldin.

Zeldin is a former Long Island congressman who almost became the governor of New York in 2022. The race was the closest gubernatorial race New York had seen in 20 years. For Zeldin to have such a powerful Republican presence in a solidly blue state proves just how important this endorsement may prove to be.

"The GOP is filled with amazing talent to save our country from the failed policies of the Biden Admin. Our nominee in 2024 will be the 45th & 47th POTUS, Donald Trump," Zeldin wrote on Twitter.

"Our economy will be stronger, our streets will be safer, & our lives will be freer. He has my full support," he continued.

Despite Zeldin's 2022 loss, he did many great things for the GOP. One of those things was helping get Republicans elected across the state of New York, leading to Republicans taking back the majority in the House of Representatives.