Leaked Pentagon documents reveal just how deep the United States has penetrated into Russian intelligence

 April 9, 2023

A large collection of Pentagon documents were leaked online that show that the United States has penetrated Russian security and intelligence services to such an extent that the White House has been able to counteract the country's aggression in Ukraine directly.

Our intelligence forces have had so much information that they have been able to warn Ukrainian forces of impending Russian attacks for months. This could explain why President Vladimir Putin has had so much trouble defeating Ukraine, despite the vast resources he has committed.

The leak didn't just reveal information on our intelligence operations in Russia. The leaks also contained information on surveillance efforts in Ukraine, China, and Israel.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak has claimed "These are just standard elements of operational games by Russian intelligence. And nothing more. Russia is looking for any ways to seize back the initiative. To try to influence the scenarios for Ukraine's counteroffensive plans."

The Justice Department is investigating the leak which indicates that there is more to it than "operational games" by the Kremlin.

This leak also leaves little room for President Joe Biden and opens the United States up to accusations of being active participants in the war beyond simply supplying Ukraine with equipment. More information is coming but for now, this leak is both troubling and illuminating.