Former East German leader Hans Modrow dead at 95

 February 13, 2023

Hans Modrow, the final communist leader of East Germany before the country’s postwar reunification, passed away this week at 95.

The German left party Die Linke said in a tweet, "We mourn Hans Modrow, who passed away at the age of 95. Our party loses an important personality."

"Without Hans, the peaceful course of 1989 would not have been possible," the party wrote.

"Modrow came to power shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall and attempted to manage the communist government of East Germany until pressure for reunification forced the eastern and western states to merge," reports JustTheNews.

"After the end of Communist rule and reunification of Germany, he was convicted of electoral fraud and perjury by the Dresden District Court in 1995, on the basis that he had been the SED official nominally in charge of the electoral process. He was later convicted of abuse of office and was given a nine-month suspended sentence. One of the few high-ranking former SED officials to not have been expelled, he was the honorary chairman of the Party of Democratic Socialism and was the president of the "council of elders" of the Left Party from 2007," according to Wikipedia.

Morrow served the last years of his life as chairman of Die Linke’s Council of the Elders.

Source: JustTheNews