Lawmakers Reject Dominion's Attempts To 'Silence' Tucker Carlson

 May 18, 2023

A recent lawsuit brought about by Dominion Voting Systems recently cost Fox News about $788 MILLION once a settlement was reached.

Six days later Fox News fired its superstar, Tucker Carlson.

Recent reports indicate that Fox News' decision to fire Carlson was in the terms of the settlement. Dominion apparently didn't want that information getting out and took measures to silence Carlson.

Luckily for Tucker, Oklahoma legislators recently introduced legislation to "reject the recent alleged attempts by Dominion Voting [Systems] to silence Tucker Carlson."

Last week, Carlson's lawyers sent a letter to Fox News saying that they knew their client was unfairly dismissed from Fox as part of the settlement with Dominion.

Oklahoma Senator Rob Standridge and Representative Justin Humphrey apparently agree and are leading the charge against Dominion in a show of support for Tucker Carlson.

Remember, it's not about fighting on behalf of a particular political party... it's about fighting for what's right, fighting for the TRUTH.