Vietnam-Era Military Hero Larry Taylor Passes Away

 February 15, 2024

American hero Larry Taylor has passed away.

Taylor was 81 years old and lived a life of which most can only dream.

He received a Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in Vietnam nearly six decades ago.

One day in the middle of June 1968, Taylor knew he had to act, or his fellow soldiers would die.

He made the decision to fly his helicopter into a mission that was so dangerous that two other helicopters had already called it off and turned back.

Facing enemy fire, Taylor flew his helicopter into an extremely dangerous area and pulled four soldiers from the jungle.

His fuel was also dangerously low and had Taylor not been the incredible pilot he was, they never would have made it.

When asked about his actions, Taylor said simply, “We never leave a man behind.”

Taylor lived a life of which he should have been very proud.

We pray for there to be more people like Taylor in this world and pray for peace for those grieving this incredible hero’s death.