Lara Trump says she's 'here for' a Hillary-Trump rematch in 2024

By Jen Krausz on
 December 14, 2023

Lara Trump appeared on Newsmax Monday and said she was "here for it" when asked about former Secretary of State and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton jumping back into the ring in 2024, should President Joe Biden step back.

"Let's be honest, we all know that if they even kind of gave Hillary, like a half a wink, like you could get in here, she would go for it," Trump said.

"I mean, this is a woman who has been waiting her entire life to get back in there, and I gotta say, I think a Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton Round 2; I'm here for it. I'm ready for it," she added.

Trump was responding to an NBC News article that noted Clinton had held a fundraiser for Biden that raised more than $1 million. It didn't mention her being a candidate; that was Newsmax host Eric Bolling's speculation.

Many are wondering how long Democrats will stick with Biden when even polls that are usually strongly biased against Republicans show Donald Trump with a significant lead.

As Lara Trump surely realizes, however, Hillary Clinton remains too unlikeable to be an effective substitute for Biden -- if Democrats actually want to win the election, that is.