Lara Trump says 'people have lost their lives' because of President Biden's mistakes

 December 11, 2023

Lara Trump, who serves as a senior campaign adviser to former president Donald Trump, appeared for an interview with Breitbart News Saturday and stressed the importance of defeating President Joe Biden in 2024.

Biden's time in office has been chaotic for both Americans and the people of the world, she said.

Whereas Trump brought peace and prosperity, Biden has brought chaos and war. From Afghanistan to Ukraine, there has been more conflict and war than at any other point this century.

Lara Trump stated, "All of these mistakes that Joe Biden has made have real consequences, and they do affect people’s lives. People have lost their lives thanks to the poor decisions of this president. We can’t do any more damage to this country and this world that has already been done under Joe Biden. We need Donald Trump back."

Even this latest conflict in Israel can be traced back to Biden's weakness. It was Biden who unfroze billions in funds for Iran, who are the primary funders of Hamas, just weeks before Hamas suddenly attacked Israel and committed horrific acts of terrorism.

In that conflict alone, thousands are dead. Biden has failed by nearly every metric, and the world cannot afford another four years of him in the White House.