LA Times columnist floats idea of replacing Feinstein with VP Harris

 August 19, 2023

The Democratic National Committee has a predicament on its hands as President Joe Biden's approval ratings stay in the gutter, and his potential successor, Vice President Kamala Harris, is right there with him, if not worse.

If Biden dropped out for whatever reason, in normal times, a vice president would be there to take his place and secure the White House for a second term. But Harris is a losing bet, and figuring out a way to push her out -- the first Black, female vice president, is nearly impossible.

According to Breitbart, an LA Times columnist might have the answer. George Skelton stirred up a storm after laying out his scenario.

Breitbart noted:

If Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) retires midterm and Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) appoints Vice President Kamala Harris to her seat, then President Joe Biden can find a more appealing running mate for 2024.

There's already growing pressure on Feinstein to retire from within her own party, so she could go out now and save face, leaving Newsom to appoint Harris to her seat. That leaves Biden the opportunity to team up with someone a bit more popular than Harris, which wouldn't take much.

Skelton acknowledged that the scenario is out there, but many believe it's plausible.

A few hangups exist, aside from shaking up both state and national politics, Sen. Feinstein doesn't seem interested, whatsoever, in quitting before her term is up, leaving many in the party frustrated.

The columnist said it will probably take a personal meeting with President Biden himself, a former longtime senator and colleague, to convince Feinstein to call it a proverbial day.

"Biden would need to invite her into the Oval Office for a heart-to-heart. She has been a terrific senator with lots to be proud of, but it’s time to let go — for the country’s sake, the state’s and her own — he’d urge, speaking as a longtime senator himself and a former colleague," Skelton said.

He admitted that convincing Harris to make such a move would be a farfetched, difficult task.

Breitbart also noted the bizarre election situation that would have to take place should Feinstein retire and Harris jump into the upper chamber.

If Harris were to take over Feinstein’s term, which ends in 2025, and then run for reelection, it could set up a four-way race between her and Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Barbara Lee (D-CA), and Katie Porter (D-CA), all of whom have declared their candidacies. It would be a high-stakes contest where three of the prominent Democrats would be out of public office for at least a full election cycle.

But with Harris polling underwater for most of her term, and her general unpopularness, it seems to many as if the DNC and the White House will need to come up with something game-changing if Biden wants a chance at winning reelection.

Should he drop out before the next election, which some believe is inevitable given his declining health, the party would have to choose whether to run Harris against a strong Republican opponent or ditch her for a hail mary with someone more liked in the party and by the public.

Only time will tell, but the election is right around the corner.