Kudlow thinks DeSantis 'Disney obsession' hurting him in presidential race

By Jen Krausz on
 April 21, 2023

Fox Business host and former President Donald Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Thursday that he thinks Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is too obsessed with fighting Disney and that it's hurting him with voters.

Kudlow said:

Trump has got all of these endorsements. He got a big lead in the polls. His endorsement list is unbelievable, but we’ll get to that in a second. Trump is running against DeSantis. Meanwhile, in my view, DeSantis is running against Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. And I think that’s a huge mistake, and his obsession here, I think, is really damaging him.

Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway had a different take on what DeSantis is doing wrong.

“DeSantis made a big mistake, in my humble view by allowing himself to be seen as the alternative to Trump," she said. "He should’ve come out and said, ‘I’m an alternative to Biden.' He would’ve transported himself into a general election place. And he didn’t do that. Trump’s in his head.”

But Kudlow couldn't resist bringing the conversation back to Disney, given that DeSantis said earlier in the week that he would put more restrictions on Disney's Florida operations if the corporation kept trying to worm its way out of the previous restrictions he placed on them.

“Trump’s in his head. So is Mickey Mouse," Kudlow said.