Kristi Noem: China Trying To Buy America Is 'A National Security Issue'

 January 24, 2023

For some reason, there are people in America angry at South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem for not wanting to sell America to China.

Noem has been facing serious backlash for "pushing to restrict the ability of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) entities and other foreign entities from buying land in her state." According to Noem, she is trying to protect national security.

According to liberals, she is trying to stop them from making money by selling America to communists, and they REALLY would prefer they stop.

How are Joe Biden and Hunter Biden going to easily conduct personal business with the Chinese if we don't sell American land to the CCP?

It's not a joke anymore, it's time for America to wake up and realize just how far into bed America's federal government is with the communists.

"I think all of us can agree as Americans that China shouldn’t be buying up land in the United States. They are an enemy," Noem said. "They are an evil government built on Communism and taking away freedom. That isn’t something we should allow to have a presence here in our great country."

You won't hear any argument from me on that.