Killer Douses Herself In Diet Mountain Dew To Erase DNA

 August 15, 2023

Nichole Maks is accused of killing her 79-year-old roommate and then setting their living quarters on fire.

Police recently responded to a fire in Florida.

To their horror, they found a murdered body after the fire was put out.

The victim's roommate, Maks, was nowhere to be found.

A few hours later, police located her. Upon approaching her, Maks "dropped a knife and hammer" at their feet.

Maks then refused to admit that she knew what happened in regard to the fire, and her explanation as to why all of her clothes were ripped and bloody was that she had been living on the street for the last four years.

The landlord of the burned house was able to identify her, so that was a lie.

While talking with officers, she told them she was thirsty and asked for a can of soda.

As if the cops didn't know she was guilty before, they must have realized it the second Maks popped the tab and poured the can all over herself, trying to clean DNA evidence off herself.

It didn't work.