Kid Rock on Donald Trump: 'I freaking love Trump'

 December 23, 2023

Former President Donald Trump was popular long before he became president. Many either adored or loathed his strong personality.

Becoming a great president only added to his friends list -- especially on the celebrity level, but one of his biggest fans, Kid Rock, said it's not the former president's politics that he loves so much about Trump.

According to Newsmax, the rock legend opened up about his relationship with Trump to Eric Bolling during an airing of "Eric Bolling The Balance."

"I've just become so comfortable, and him being my friend, and me being his. ... You know, a lot of people are nervous and things around him, just like I was, you know, when he was president the first few times. And now I drink my beer and smoke my cigar, and we talk about worldly things," Rock said.

Rock added, "Sometimes, he asks me about policy. Other times, we're just talking about sports or this, that, and the other. And I see him with his kids, you know?"

The music star went on to point out Trump's family and how he has several grandchildren and children who Rock thinks are great. He added that you can measure a man by his children, if anything.

"If you can measure a man by one thing, look at his children. Look at all his kids. I've come to know them all — some of the grandkids," he said.

He added, "They're terrific human beings no matter what your politics are. And if you really want to judge ... to have that family be as well put together as they are, it starts at the top with that man."

Rock emphasized that when it comes to Donald Trump, he doesn't just like the man.

"So it's like I tell a lot of people, 'I don't like Trump. I freaking love Trump,'" Rock said.

Their friendship most recently made headlines after Trump walked into a recent UFC event with Kid Rock and UFC president Dana White. Video of their entrance immediately went viral.

Rock told Newsmax that he has two major music tours on the scheduled and hinted that Trump might be in attendance for them at some point.

Kid Rock, given his loyalty to Trump and their public friendship, has become extremely popular and well-liked within the ranks of Trump's massive base of support.