Kevin McCarthy Wants To Designate Cartel As Terrorist Groups

 April 13, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has had enough of Mexican cartels terrorizing America's southern border and says that it's time to take SERIOUS action against them.

It's time to designate them as terrorists.

That way, federal resources can be used to stop them.

McCarthy suggested that we "embed some military" on America's southern border to fight the Mexican drug cartels.

"I think you have to designate them," America's Speaker of the House told Breitbart. He added:

We do not have operational control of our border. For anyone in America that’s been down there — I want to give credit to Gov. Abbott. It shouldn’t be his job to secure the border. But he has to put effort into it. You look what has gone on. These cartels are making billions of dollars human trafficking, right? But they’re using weapons. They’re shooting. We’ve watched in broad daylight what they would do with not respect for life or for Americans.