Kevin McCarthy visits wildfire devastation in Lahaina, Maui

 September 4, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) recently visited Lahaina, Maui, the site of a devastating wildfire that destroyed the city and killed hundreds, and he stated that what he found there was "heartbreaking and tragic."

McCarthy visited Maui on Saturday with several other Representatives and revealed what they had seen at the site of one of the worst wildfires in American history.

In a post to X, McCarthy stated, "The devastation in Hawaii that I witnessed today is heartbreaking and tragic. On behalf of the whole country, I extend heartfelt sympathy to the people of Maui, and I commend all the first responders who are working tirelessly on recovery efforts."

McCarthy's delegation met with Representative Jill Tokuda (D-HI), who stated, "I will tell you this, I truly appreciate, on behalf of all of my constituency, the fact that now we can truly call you part of our Ohana, our family. Because we know that after what you have seen, what you have smelt, what you have heard today from our community, being right there in Lahaina amongst our people ... we know you are part of our Ohana that is going to fight like hell every single day to make sure that Maui knows we will not leave you behind."

The aftermath of Lahaina's destruction has left Americans confused and suspicious as several signs of mismanagement and negligence have appeared.

Making matters worse, Hawaii has seemingly been ignored by the Biden administration and national media. Thankfully, some in Congress aren't completely abandoning the people of Maui and are raising awareness of the devastation.