Kevin McCarthy On Rising Gas Prices: 'That's Bidenomics, Folks'

August 12, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy needed only three words to perfectly summarize what's happening to America's gas prices once again.

"That's Bidenomics, folks," the Republican from California said.

McCarthy is furious that ordinary Americans are "struggling" to fill up their cars with gas because of Joe Biden's poor economic policies.

Liberal elites are the only ones benefitting from the decisions that Biden is making, and it's all being paid for by America's middle class.

"Instead of unleashing our nation’s energy production to lower prices at the pump, the President is doubling down on the same radical, Green New Deal policies that increased gas prices by 60 percent since he took office," McCarthy said. He also criticized Joe's efforts to "stop all drilling on the East Coast, and on the West Coast and on the Gulf."

Do you think that Biden is to blame for America's rising gas prices? Let us know in the comments below.

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