Kevin McCarthy calls for all-member classified meeting of the House after smuggler linked to ISIS discovered at the border

 September 18, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy called for an all-members classified briefing for the House of Representatives after a human trafficker with links to ISIS was discovered at the southern border.

McCarthy confirmed the news to Breitbart News Saturday, confirming America's worst fears that terrorists could be exploiting the open southern border.

The speaker stated, "In February, we caught more people on the terrorist watch list in that one month than we did the entire last four years. Now, we have no idea what’s happening. The cartels have taken over. We’ve got this CNN report, and they said in this report that it was so alarming that this classified information was provided to the cabinet members in the Biden administration. You’re not hearing anything else about it."

President Joe Biden and his open border policies have led to an inevitable outcome that many Americans have feared for years. There are countless enemies out there who can now infiltrate our nation thanks to Biden's policies.

Biden's insane immigration policy has also cost Americans dearly in financial terms, and even blue states are feeling the pain.

The border should have been closed years ago, but the discovery of ISIS-linked entities operating on the southern border might be the final straw that forces Biden to embrace responsible immigration policy.