Kevin Costner Finds Love After Recent Divorce

 December 13, 2023

Just a few months after his divorce from Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner appears to have been struck by Cupid yet again.

Costner, 68, is apparently falling in love with singer-songwriter Jewel Kilcher.

The pair were reportedly introduced to each other by a mutual friend, billionaire Richard Branson.

Apparently, Branson invited both Costner and Jewel to his resort on Necker Island in the Caribbean at the same time.

While Costner appears to be having a blast, sources close to the situation are saying that at least one of the pair isn't "serious" about the situation, despite a recently viral photo showing Costner holding Jewel around the waist.

"Jewel likes herself a man’s man, and she is all about Kevin’s country western vibe. They are not serious right now, but they are having fun," said someone close to the situation. The source added of Branson's involvement in making the match:

Richard is 100 percent responsible for Kevin and Jewel hooking up. She has been a friend of Branson's for years and he has been a close friend of Kevin's since the 1990's.