Kenneth Smith Killed By Nitrogen Gas In Alabama

 January 27, 2024

Kenneth Smith wasn't too happy about how it happened, but he's dead now.

The murderer was put to death at age 58 recently, experiencing the nation's first known execution using nitrogen hypoxia.

Smith had been sentenced to die for his role in a 1988 murder and had actually survived the first attempt to execute him. Back in 2022, he was supposed to die by lethal injection but managed to live through the ordeal.

Up until his last breath, Smith was alleging that the execution should not be happening in the prescribed manner.

"Tonight, Alabama caused humanity to take a step backwards. I'm leaving with love, peace and light. Thank you for supporting me, love all of you," were the last words he uttered.

Some reports indicate that the execution didn't go very smoothly at all.

The state expected Smith to be unconscious within a few seconds.

Instead, it took several minutes, followed by an even longer time period in which Smith reportedly writhed in agony as he died.

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