Ken Buck Says He's Quitting Congress Because Republicans 'Keep Lying'

November 3, 2023

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) says that he's quitting Congress.


According to him, Republicans just keep on lying.

It could always be worse, Ken. We could be talking about liberals here. But we're talking about politicians, so what did you expect?

You show me an honest politician, and I'll show you somebody who's about to get DEMOLISHED in their next election.

Unfortunately, America has bred a culture of an elite ruling class, and once you get drafted into that class, it's hard for the little people of America to hold you accountable.

Let's be reasonable here; even the staunchest of Donald Trump fans would have to admit that he gets away with a LOT that simply wouldn't fly if he wasn't a billionaire politician.

Buck claims that politicians lying to the public has gone too far, and he just can't be a part of it anymore. He said:

I been here nine years and Congress refuses to deal with the big issues that we need to deal with. We have not addressed the sustainability of Social Security and Medicare. We haven’t addressed the huge spending issue that we have. By the end of next year, we will have $36 trillion of debt and that also is just unsustainable.

Buck concluded, "Then in addition to that, Republicans who have answers to these issues and are at least aware of them and hopefully will work on them someday have a huge credibility problem because we continue to talk about and lie about the 2020 election as if it was stolen, as if Joe Biden wasn’t the real winner of that election. We keep lying about January 6 and the prisoners from January 6, the defendants who are not political prisoners but rather committed crimes. They assaulted police officers. They damaged government property. So, I don’t think we can have the credibility we need with the American public if we continue the lies that we’re now telling."

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