Kellyanne Conway delivers unfiltered take on current state of Democratic Party

 December 22, 2023

As a former White House counselor to Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway has been a witness to all sorts of extreme partisan posturing, and in a recent appearance on Fox News, she offered a rather assessment of the current state of the Democratic Party, as Breitbart explains.

Chatting on Wednesday's installment of Outnumbered, Conway blasted the left for its preoccupation with the events of Jan. 6 as well as its hyperfocus on progressive priorities such as environmental activism and abortion.

The context of her comments was a round-robin about the recent Colorado Supreme Court decision booting Trump from the 2024 GOP primary ballot, and that is when Conway gave her unfiltered take on the other side of the ideological aisle.

“I just think the Democrats wake up every morning...and they look at the calendar, the iPhone says January 6, 2021, the date never changes,” she began.

Adding additional bite to her commentary, Conway added, “And then they get an electric vehicle and go get an abortion.”

The blunt nature of Conway's critique prompted show co-host Harris Faulkner to reply in bemused fashion, “Oh my God.”

“I just described the Democratic Party in seven seconds,” Conway quipped. “That's it. That's what I see. But it's always January 6.”

Conway's analysis continued, and she underscored what she sees as the deep current of hypocrisy that runs through the opposition party's words and deeds, particularly when they speak in hyperbolic terms about the future of democracy in America.

“I wanted to put something out from the polling,” she began, citing a recent Emerson College poll revealing that respondents ranked threats to democracy as their number-two concern.

Conway noted, “It was actually ahead of health care and immigration after the economy and inflation.”

She then pointed out the faulty belief among anti-Trump liberals that they control that particular narrative, saying, “The Democrats think they own the issue threats to democracy. They don't own it.”

“A lot of people are tired of being censored and shadow banned and put upon by the government and its ridiculous regulations and legislation and calling things like inflation reduction, abolition, no such thing,” Conway went on.

The Trump insider continued, “I think threats to democracy is going to increase as a focal point for Republican and center right independent voters.”

With activist, Democrat-appointed judicial bodies such as the Colorado Supreme Court substituting their preferences for those of the electorate and claiming the authority to hand-pick the pool of candidates for which Americans will be permitted to cast a ballot, Conway may well be onto something.