'Keep the center podium open': Kellyanne Conway suggests Trump will attend first GOP debate

By Jen Krausz on
 July 28, 2023

Former aide to former President Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway said she doesn't think he will be able to resist the chance to attend the first GOP debate next month in Milwaukee.

“If I were you, I would keep that center podium warm because maybe he’ll make the announcement the day of,” Conway said during a Fox News interview Monday, as reported by the Washington Times. “You just never know.”

“On the one hand, he’s acting like a front-runner,” Conway said. “He’s way ahead. What does he have to gain by going?”

“On the other hand, that’s a natural habitat for him,” she said.

Trump's first debate in 2015 helped him gain the lead.

Now, though, he's already in the lead, so it won't benefit him as much to participate.