Katie Britt: 'Amnesty Should NEVER Be On The Table'

 January 14, 2023

There's a shiny new rockstar in the Republican Party, and she's standing up for common sense like there's no tomorrow.

It's Sen. Katie Britt  R-AL).

Britt recently visited America's southern border with her Senate delegation that included colleagues Marsha Blackburn and Cindy Hyde-Smith.

After her trip, she was asked if discussions during her trip included granting amnesty to those who crossed the border illegally.

"I have heard of nothing like that," Britt said. "I think we must stand firm. We must seal and secure our border. I do not believe you can reward people who broke our laws with the very thing that they are after, and that is citizenship. So, to me, amnesty should never be on the table." She added:

Our trip was focused on what policies we need to seal and secure this border, and that means, obviously, placing both physical and technological barriers to help our border patrol agents to be able to make sure we don’t have terrorists or criminals coming across our border. It also means putting back in the ‘remain in Mexico’ policy. It means doing the right thing, obviously, in regard to the public charge. It means ending the catch-and-release. We’ve got to put American families first, and amnesty rewards illegal behavior.