Karine Jean-Pierre Claims She 'Didn't Know' She Misled America

 January 18, 2023

Karine Jean-Pierre lied to America.

She stretched the truth. She misled. She fibbed.

Whatever you want to call it, she did it. Now, White House press secretary is trying to claim that her lying to America was acceptable for one reason: She didn't know she was doing it.

The allegations of misleading America stem from a daily briefing Jean-Pierre gave on Thursday, Jan. 12. She was recorded lying on at least six different occasions by telling voters that the search for Joe Biden's classified documents was completed on Jan. 11.

Obviously, Jean-Pierre's comments were called into question after more classified documents were found on Jan. 12.

How could the search have found something on Jan. 12 if the search was over on Jan. 11?

Because Karine Jean-Pierre was lying.

She thinks it's okay though, because she "did not know." She said:

No, I did not know. I had the information that you all had at the time. I have been forthcoming from this podium.