Kari Lake Ready To Enter Arizona Senate Race

 August 10, 2023

Kari Lake is ready to take another crack at it.

This time, instead of running for governor of Arizona, she's decided she wants to be a senator.

With Kyrsten Sinema running as an independent, this could set up a very interesting three-way battle.

It could be one that might not work out too well for Republicans.

The worst thing that you can do in a race is have two good candidates from the same side running against each other and taking votes from one another.

That's exactly what many people think will happen.

Sinema has proved herself to moderates by leaving the Democrat Party, but Lake has a very strong following among MAGA and the more conservative-leaning Republicans.

The fear is that these two might take votes from each other, rather than from the Democrat nominee.

Interestingly, Lake still has not conceded her gubernatorial loss from 2022.

Do you think the former television anchor will have a better chance at getting into the Senate?

Or are Democrats still too corrupt to let that happen?