Kamala Harris Announcement Puts White House On Edge - Details Coming In...

July 26, 2022

Cacklin' Kamala Harris doesn't have anything to run for in 2022 and most of America hates her.

The vice-witch of America isn't going to let those little details stop her though. Her ego simply mandates that she stick her mug in the upcoming midterm elections.

Despite her poll numbers remaining so low that it seems as if nobody wants her, Kamala plans to campaign and fundraise for fellow Democrats in their upcoming battles.

One really has to wonder why Kamala is doing this, as it seems unlikely that she's actually going to add any value to any candidate's name.

Kamala's poll numbers are so low that American's don't trust what comes out of her mouth about herself, much less about other people.

What do you think?

Is Harris being thought of so negatively that her teamwork could actually HURT fellow Democrats?

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