Kamala Harris Wants Government Controlling All Tech

December 21, 2022

When we talk about federal overreach, this is EXACTLY what we're talking about. Kamala Harris has opened up her big mouth yet again, and she's requesting the only things liberal always want:

MORE government control.

In order to maintain "the security of our democracy and our nation," Kamala Harris wants the federal government to "work with" leaders in the tech sector.

That means she wants to be able to make sure they all obey the best interests of liberals. She's trying to avoid another Elon Musk situation where some rogue person has the audacity to tell the truth.

The Twitter Files have painted liberals in such a bad light that they're desperate to make sure nothing like them can happen again. Harris said:

What I would say about any social media site is this: I fully expect and would require that leaders in that sector cooperate and work with us who are concerned about national security, concerned about upholding and protecting our democracy, to do everything in their power to ensure that there is not a manipulation that is allowed or overlooked that is done with the intention of upending the security of our democracy and our nation.

And what I would say, Kamala, is where were you when social media platforms were censoring conservatives?