Kamala Harris Takes Over Debt Ceiling Negotiations

 May 19, 2023

President Joe Biden flew the coop on May 17, heading for Japan and leaving the inept Kamala Harris to be his representative for the White House's debt ceiling negotiations with Congress.

You would think that Biden would at least be available to call in for one of the most important meetings of his entire presidency. Instead, he chose the option that makes America the most nervous: leaving Harris in charge.

We've all seen what's happened at America's southern border. Since Harris was declared Biden's "border czar," it's been disaster after disaster when it comes to the line between America and Mexico.

You'd have to be a real dummy (or a liberal politician) to believe that this endeavor of Harris' is going to be any different than the last one.

Biden keeps insisting that Harris can handle responsibility for which the rest of America knows she's clearly not ready.

The only question now is WHY does Biden keep leaning on Kamala so often? Is he too lazy? Too old? Too tired?

We may find out the answers very soon.